A Discussion of High Availability Options for Postgres in Containers

Posted By: EnterpriseDB on 2019-09-13
Author: Dave Page

Clustered containers running Postgres (either PostgreSQL or EDB Postgres™ Advanced Server) require a controller to monitor and manage the cluster. This can be entirely scripted or handled by EDB Postgres Failover Manager (EFM), Zalando’s Patroni (a fork of Governor) or Sorint.Lab’s Stolon. Patroni and Stolon can provide both monitoring of the cluster and management of the Postgres instance. By contrast, EFM provides monitoring of the cluster, but uses its script hooks to call a collection of scripts that execute the cluster management tasks.

Download my recent paper to compare EFM, Patroni, and Stolon and the features they offer. It will not discuss features which are broadly comparable in all three products or those that are not of significant benefit to container deployment.