Become a Sponsor


PostgresOpen is a perfect opportunity for companies to reach out to users and developers of PostgreSQL, or to just "give back" to the community. Our sponsorship program covers a wide range of levels, from Supporter to Diamond.

You can sign up to be a sponsor through PgUS and find out more information about the process through this form. Alternatively, if you're curious in the PostgresOpen prospectus itself, you can find a PDF download here!

PostgresOpen abides by the PostgreSQL Project Community Recognition guidelines.

When working with individual companies on sponsorship, PostgresOpen and PgUS will only consider changes to the sponsorship contract which do not impact the material benefits provided to a given company or the cost of the sponsorship. The determination of what is considered a material benefit will be decided by the PostgresOpen operations committee and PgUS, as the signing authority. No changes to the benefits included in the prospectus will be accepted, nor will any sponsorship discounts be provided.

If you have any questions or concerns with sponsoring the conference, please feel free to send us an email at!